Protect your expensive appliances and electronics from the destructive force of lightning and power surges. Surge Suppression will prevent damage as well as extend their life expectancy.

SERVICE ENTRANCE & SUB PANELS: Service entrance protection is the primary defense against power surges.  Protection here keeps damaging transients from entering your home.  The 160kA/Phase units are recommended for the main panel.  For large homes with several panels feeding lighting controls, etc., we recommend placing an 80kA/Phase unit on each branch panel.  Always place units on panels feeding outdoor equipment (security cameras, pumps, outdoor lighting, etc.) to protect them directly and to prevent lightning surges from entering the home’s interior systems through their wiring.

PTX160-1S101 EQX80-1S101 ITRSS
160kA/Phase, 20 Yr. Warranty 80kA/Phase, 10 Yr. Warranty 40kA/Phase, 10 Yr. Warranty

Protects two voice or data lines transmitting over standard telephone lines (max. data speed 100Kbps) at incoming phone service and Coax (F or BNC) for satellite dishes, cable television, remote site security cameras and monitoring stations.

ITRPSTEL (4 Phone Lines) ITRSPCAB (2 in/2out SAT&CAB) ITC-CAT5E
20kA /Ph, 5 Yr. Warranty 10kA/Phase, 5 Yr. Warranty 5 Yr. Warranty

Final stage protection for extremely sensitive electronics. When used with the recommended panel units there is a $50,000 connected equipment warranty.  BN6-FAX (6 outlets/ 2 RJ)

MODULAR: Service Entrance/Phone/Coax/Ethernet  For homes valued at $700,00 or less.  Mix and match these economical units for customized protection of all vulnerable areas.  LIFETIME CONNECTED EQUIPMENT WARRANTY

Service Entrance Units:

(Good) ITRSPMIC 20 KA $25,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
(Better) ITRSPMAX 50 KA $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
(Best) ITRSPULT 75 KA $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

Additional Units:
2 Lines
      COAX 2 Lines
      ETHERNET 2 Lines


By using this mult-stage system of protection, per IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) standards, all the entry points for damaging surges are blocked.  Your home, valuable appliances and electronic equipment are completely protected from external and internal power transients including lightning!

Over time electrical transients will degrade electronics which shortens the usable life of your equipment.  Today delicate electronics are an integral part of almost every common household device.  If you don’t think of your home as ‘high-tech’ and full of electronic gadgets, think again … if it has push-buttons it contains electronics.

  • Answering Machines
  • Automatic Garage Door Openers
  • Cable TV Tuners
  • Computers
  • Dishwashers
  • Fax Machines
  • Heating/AC Units
  • High Speed Internet Connections
  • Intercoms
  • Invisible Dog Fence
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Microwaves
  • Modems
  • Out Door Lighting Controls
  • Pool Pumps